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Regarding songs by Machigerita and hiro' + Updates Blogspots
A quick update about Machigerita and hiro' song translations
As both Machigerita and hiro' are not only utaite but also full fledged artists with their own CDs (self sung, self written), their songs will be updated on my blogspot only.

I'll try to make a difference in the future where normal "artist" songs go to my blogspot, while character songs, anime songs, vocaloid will stay here on lj. Seiyuu (voiceactor) songs, though produced as an original song by a voiceactor who thus tries to be an idol, will also stay here on lj.

Song Updates
Having said that, I updated my blogspot in January (plus today) with the following songs:

- Chata (茶太) - Spica
- Chata (茶太) - ウソ (Uso)

- hiro' - 44 ~God's Lonely Man~
- hiro' - アナザー:怒りと慈愛の子 (Another: Ikari to Jiai no Ko)
- hiro' - 静寂の音 (Seijaku no Oto)
- hiro' - 夢の後 (Yume no Ato)

- マチゲリータ (Machigerita) - ぼくのうた (Boku no Uta)

If I had to choose one song to recommend, I'd really recommend hiro's "Seijaku no Oto" (meaning "Sound of silence") as it is a bit upbeat but still stays within the realm of his acoustic guitar songs. All of the songs are a bit gloomy in some way, though (with -maybe- the exception being "44 ~God's Lonely Man~" - if you know the movie "Taxi Driver", you'll know what I mean), but they are still wonderful.

Full list of projects on blogspot here!

Drama CD Translation Updates
On my Drama CD blogspot, the translations for the month January from the "Voice Calender Story of 365 Days - Chapter Heart" CD has been uploaded completely.
Furthermore, this weekend the translation to the first four tracks for the CD "Warumono (warai) series - Wataru Seken wa Oni Darake" ("Bad guys (lol) series - Society if full of Oni") will be uploaded.

Full list of translations on drama CD blogspot here!

This concludes my update/announcement for today.


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