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I would also appreciate a comment on the post of the lyrics if you're using them. Thank you in advance.

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I do not have a twitter or facebook. I DO have two active blogspot accounts, where I also upload lyrics and Drama CD translations.
HoshiYuki no Yume - Updated/Final versions of lyrics, Machigerita stuff, Different layout - easier to copy/paste.
HoshiYuki no Yume Drama CD - Drama CD projects go here.

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Regarding songs by Machigerita and hiro' + Updates Blogspots
A quick update about Machigerita and hiro' song translations
As both Machigerita and hiro' are not only utaite but also full fledged artists with their own CDs (self sung, self written), their songs will be updated on my blogspot only.

I'll try to make a difference in the future where normal "artist" songs go to my blogspot, while character songs, anime songs, vocaloid will stay here on lj. Seiyuu (voiceactor) songs, though produced as an original song by a voiceactor who thus tries to be an idol, will also stay here on lj.

Song Updates
Having said that, I updated my blogspot in January (plus today) with the following songs:

- Chata (茶太) - Spica
- Chata (茶太) - ウソ (Uso)

- hiro' - 44 ~God's Lonely Man~
- hiro' - アナザー:怒りと慈愛の子 (Another: Ikari to Jiai no Ko)
- hiro' - 静寂の音 (Seijaku no Oto)
- hiro' - 夢の後 (Yume no Ato)

- マチゲリータ (Machigerita) - ぼくのうた (Boku no Uta)

If I had to choose one song to recommend, I'd really recommend hiro's "Seijaku no Oto" (meaning "Sound of silence") as it is a bit upbeat but still stays within the realm of his acoustic guitar songs. All of the songs are a bit gloomy in some way, though (with -maybe- the exception being "44 ~God's Lonely Man~" - if you know the movie "Taxi Driver", you'll know what I mean), but they are still wonderful.

Full list of projects on blogspot here!

Drama CD Translation Updates
On my Drama CD blogspot, the translations for the month January from the "Voice Calender Story of 365 Days - Chapter Heart" CD has been uploaded completely.
Furthermore, this weekend the translation to the first four tracks for the CD "Warumono (warai) series - Wataru Seken wa Oni Darake" ("Bad guys (lol) series - Society if full of Oni") will be uploaded.

Full list of translations on drama CD blogspot here!

This concludes my update/announcement for today.

HKD - Chara Song - "絆は思いで出来ている" (Kizuna wa Omoi de Dekite iru) - Lyrics, romaji and translation

To download here at MF

This song is on the third volume of the special edition Blu-ray for the anime Hakkenden - Eight Dogs of the East (八犬伝―東方八犬異聞―). It is sung by the (female) characters Hamaji (voiced by Takagi Ayahi) & Midzuki Ayane (voiced by Akesaka Satomi).

I'll admit I haven't seen the series (and even I am starting to wonder why), so I cannot give you any background info on the mensing of the song or the characters singing. But that doesn't stop me from loving the slightly celtic and soothing feeling that this tune has.

I used the lyrics from this Chinese site, but tweaked them a little as there were a few tiny errors.


絆は思いで出来ている - 歌詞 (Japanese lyrics here)Collapse )


Kizuna wa Omoi de Dekite iru - RomajiCollapse )


Kizuna wa Omoi de Dekite iru (Bonds are made of sentiments) - English translationCollapse )

JnKnA - "知らない街とトランクの中身" (Shiranai machi to Trunk no Nakami) - Lyrics, romaji and translation

Get the mp3 here (MF)

From the album "Black Anniversary", a dual album for both "Joker no Kuni no Alice" and "Anniversary no Kuni no Alice". It isn't sung by any of the voiceactors and even on the official site the singer is listed as "Quinrose". Official link here, with samples of about half of the songs on the CDs.

Apparently, this is also the Ending to the Joker no Kuni no Alice game.

Anyway, I love the voice, I love the song and just wanted to share <3

知らない街とトランクの中身 - 歌詞 (Japanese lyrics here)Collapse )


Shiranai Machi to Trunk no Nakami - RomajiCollapse )


Shiranai Machi to Trunk no Nakami (An Unfamiliar Town and the Contents of my Trunk) - TranslationCollapse )

hiro' - "アナザー:怒りと慈愛の子" (Another: Ikari to Jiai no Ko) - Lyrics, romaji and translation

Original at NicoNico
Get the mp3 here at NicoSound

So, when I was listening to GRANRODEO radio, niconico suggested this song to me. Going "why not" I clicked. Result? A quick translation into English.

Song, lyrics and everything by hiro', who is active on both youtube as well as NicoNico Douga.

The song is the male version for "Ikari to Jiai no Ko" sung by Miku and Luka (Youtube link HERE - You can find the mp3 here). The author added English lyrics to the video, so please check it out!

アナザー:怒りと慈愛の子 - 歌詞 (Japanese lyrics here)Collapse )


Another: Ikari to jiai no ko - RomajiCollapse )


Another: Ikari to jiai no ko (Another: Child of Anger and Affection) - English translationCollapse )

梶裕貴 (Kaji Yuuki) - "sense of wonder" - Lyrics, romaji and translation

Download the mp3 here (MF).

Per Request - The title track for the single "sense of wonder" by Kaji Yuuki.

sense of wonder - 歌詞 (Japanese lyrics here!)Collapse )


sense of wonder - RomajiCollapse )


sense of wonder - English TranslationCollapse )

C:B - Chara Song 平家将臣 (Heike Masaomi) - "restrain=freedom" - Lyrics, romaji and translation

Stuck in my head~

Character song to Code:Breaker's "code 2": Masaomi HEIKE, voiced by Subaru KIMURA.

Masaomi, also known as "code 2" has the element "Light" and is a downright sadist.... That's as much as I know without watching the anime or reading the manga... (note to self: check it out)

The song is the fourth track of "CODE:BREAKER Character file Vol.2"

restrain=freedom - 歌詞 (Japanese Lyrics)Collapse )


restrain=freedom - RomajiCollapse )


restrain=freedom - English TranslationCollapse )

梶裕貴 (Kaji Yuuki) - ジャイキリ (JAIKIRI) - Lyrics, romaji and translation

Preview for full single on Niconico Douga and NicoViewer (no account needed) - JAIKIRI starts at 1:28 min.


These lyrics took quite some time as they are meant to convey an overal feeling, not a message. Logic is not the priority and it is obvious a lot of words were chosen because of their (similar) sounds, rather than their meaning.
It makes for a clever song that is hard to translate ^^;;
For similar sounding words I'll direct you to the romaji to find them yourself, for lines that deserve extra explenation, I put a few notes up.

I also left the title untranslated. Looking around the net, ジャイキリ comes up as short for ジャイアントキリング "Giant Killing", a footbal manga I am not familiar with. Unless someone can either tell me if these lyrics link to the mang or offer a better fitting suggestion for the title, I'll leave it untranslated.

The song is the second track of Yuuki KAJI's single "Hello!".

ジャイキリ - 歌詞 (Japanese Lyrics)Collapse )


JAIKIRI - RomajiCollapse )


JAIKIRI - English TranslationCollapse )

梶裕貴 (Kaji Yuuki) - HOME - Lyrics, romaji and translation


Third track of the maxi-single "Sense of Wonder".

HOME - 歌詞 (Japanese Lyrics)Collapse )


HOME - RomajiCollapse )


HOME - English TranslationCollapse )

梶裕貴 (Kaji Yuuki) - Sweet has come! - Lyrics, romaji and translation

Another request~

The lyrics on the web are incomplete, missing a phrase or two. The person who originally typed out the lyrics wrote:


     As I couldn't find the lyrics, I tried listening and typing them out myself.
     I really worked hard on it...
     However, I wasn't confident with the English parts, so I didn't write them out (lol)

I tried filling in those English parts, but I kept them between brackets.

The song is the opening to the Otome PSP game "HatsuKARE☆ Renai DEBYUU sengen!" (はつカレっ☆ 恋愛デビュー宣言!)

Sweet has come! - 歌詞 (Japanese lyrics here!)Collapse )


Sweet has come! - RomajiCollapse )


Sweet has come! - TranslationCollapse )


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