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Journal for Japanese lyrics

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Originally a Nightmare focussed LJ, I slowly changed it to encompass other bands and music types.
At the moment I'm posting (Japanese) lyrics to songs that caught my interest and from time to time I romanize and/or translate these to English.

I take on requests for translations.
- I do not charge for my these, so I would like to ask a maximum of two lyrics at the same time.
- Please request through PM or in the comments of my top (sticky-ed) post.
- At times I may refuse a request, but at the moment I have no such intentions.
- Once I have either accepted or rejected the request, you can request new lyrics again.

I love discovering new songs, but please try to keep the requested songs in the style of what I usually do (Voice-actor/character songs, Rock (and subgenres), Vocaloid etc. - things I've done in the past are a good indicator).

Apart from this lj, I have two blogspots (and no facebook):
- Lyrics translation (for lyrics of artists who completely write their own works, hence you'll find Machigerita and hiro' here)
- Drama CD Translation
These blogspots are just as active (or even more so, as I have a daily project on the Drama CD one) as my livejournal is. The contents are just slightly different.